…but what else is new? I wouldn’t expect any less from a neocon. Granted, I think she might be right about Obama’s general approval and the thrust of his administration, but not for the reason she gives. From my own perspective, Obama has lost some steam for the exact opposite reasons Mrs. Palin states. I believe his ramping up of war in Afghanistan (Iraq too) hasn’t helped. Moreover, his promise to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison, while some effort has been made, is coming to pass much more slowly than I had anticipated. His military budget capped $600 billion, signaling no end to Leviathan’s quest for empire. So there are things I don’t like about Obama (I understand some of that is inheritance from W, but it’s been a year, and I haven’t seen too much undoing).

But more war? That’s how Obama could gain some momentum and steam? Moreover, does anybody find it odd that Obama’s potential opponent in 2012 is giving him popularity advice? Isn’t that like a deer taking advice from the N.R.A.? And wouldn’t more war alienate Mr. Obama’s base, which for the most part are typically non-interventionist?

Mr. Obama, I don’t like you as much as the media does, but I recognize you’re the best thing that was on the table 2 years ago. With that said, I want you to have success (contra Mr. Limbaugh’s wishes). Do the opposite of Mrs. Palin’s suggestions – bring our troops home. Be the non-interventionist. Show this country that you don’t believe in illegal, unprovoked, and unconstitutional warfare. Deal with these countries through compassion and fair trade, not through bombs. Furthermore, let’s show Mrs. Palin that a foreign policy of peace would do just the opposite – get you re-elected.

* Side-note: I caught her subtle support for Israel in there. America’s love affair with the AIPAC has caused a myriad of problems, but that’s for another discussion.