The name of our blog is the creation of John C., but I like it. A lot.

I am not a moderate. Well. I am not a moderate in terms of holding a middle of the road political view.  I have spent much of my blogging career (over 4 years now) explaining my form of leftist politics. Being a socialist liberal in the United States makes me a radical in terms of my policy positions. I am pro-choice. I am not impressed by capitalism. I think that we should revise the U.S. Constitution to make it more democratic.

However, I am, in a way, a moderate. Or at least, I am an advocate of moderation. The English Conservative political philosopher Michael Oakeshott describes conservatism as a disposition. He explains”

To be conservative, then, is to prefer the familiar to the unknown, to prefer the tried to the untried, fact to mystery, the actual to the possible, the limited to the unbounded, the near to the distant, the sufficient to the superabundant, the convenient to the perfect, present laughter to utopian bliss.

In a sense, my political outlook is best described as a disposition. This drives people crazy. It is not a list of programs. It is not a hard and absolute ideology. In fact, I reject demands for ideological purity (the one thing that seems to connect Marxists and 21st century American Conservatives).

 I do not oppose partisanship (we too often equate being ideological with being partisan). Instead, I lament to demise of a healthy party system.  What I oppose is foaming at the mouth. I am a moderate because I do not like anger and hate in politics.

Calm down. Try some moderation. Now, let’s discuss socialism.